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Steep Growth in number of IVF centers in India is a matter of deep concern.
| Dr. Aastha Gupta - 05 Apr 2022  1170

There has been a multifold increase in no of IVF clinics in India. according to reports by google a keywords for IVF which costed around 200 to 250 has a binding of more than 800 and on some days to 1000.India steep drop in fertility rates has created a huge platform for IVF centers. IVF in Delhi started with the Journey of Delhi-IVF one of the oldest fertility centers in India and now the city has more than 50 Fertility and IVF centers.

Chances of conceiving has also decreased due to below standard fertility centers which offers luricative offers in forms of Package. Generally rate of IVF in India starts from 90000 to 2,50,000.00 apart from medicine but some centers with low quality lab and low quality medicine offers the package at 30,000. New ART law may put some curbs but more changes needs to be incorporated.

Talking to Countries Best Fertility Expert DR. Anoop Gupta who have been running one of the oldest IVF centers in India and one of the best Sucess Rate delivering IVF Centre we came to know that he daily encounters with More than Failed IVF patient than fresh ones. He also said that many people loose hope because of below the belt fertility centers.

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