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Pregnancy at 38 after Successful Treatment of Adenomyosis at Delhi IVF
| Dr. Aastha Gupta - 09 May 2022  1020

What is Adenomyosis ? What are its effect on infertility? Treatment of Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is a long term disease affecting the uterus in many women especially with increasing age.
it causes
- infertility
- increase incidence of miscarriage
- recurrent failed implantation / recurrent IVF failures 

this video shows how we removed a fairly localised adenomyoma in a 38 year old woman's uterus through laproscopy .at Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre

and after some months of medication shes finally had a successful pregnancy. 
( after 7 long years of trying)

In many cases adenomyosis can be minimised using medication as well.

Dr Aastha Guta (obs gynae) IVF and Fertility Specialist

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