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Fertility Counseling- A new area of exploration
| Dr. Aastha Gupta - 01 Jul 2022  1472

For the treatment of fertility counseling plays a very important role. It helps couples:
-who wants to start their journey to parenthood get an understanding into their body and medical/hormonal status and how to start planning and trying for conception.

- for those who for some reason want to delay child bearing and want to understand their timelines and options 

- for those couples who are already undergoing treatment for various procedures in trying to conceive a pregnancy.

 Fertility counselling established transparency between the doctor and Patient and enhances confidence of these couples. Couples are offered sessions with Expert team during counselling process where they are explained each and every aspect of process in detail.

There are three types of treatment involved in treatment of fertility.
a)    Treatment of infertility through Medication
b)    Treatment of infertility through Fertility Enhancing surgeries
c)    Treatment of Infertility through assisted technologies like IUI, IVF etc.

Apart from treatment counseling is needed to identify where the actual problem lies and what best remedies are available.

When is fertility counseling needed?
There are many conditions when you should see an expert for fertility counseling
a)    If you are feeling anxious, depressed and you feel hard to live your life productively as you're not able to conceive
b)    If you are having guilt of not being a parent
c)    If you feel loss of interest in your sexual activity and relationships
d)    If you feel constant mood swings and pre occupation with infertility.
e)    Increased alcohol or taught of suicide due to infertility issue
f)    Change in appetite weight and sleep patterns.

What we can do for you as a Fertility Counselor? 
Our trained Fertility doctors with Vast Experience can help you with the best fertility treatment options. Our counselors can help you with our fertility counseling experts take care of complex psychological and social issues arise from Infertility and Infertility treatment process. Fertility treatment is very stressful so in the due course our fertility experts help you increase your confidence and boost your energy level.

Types of Fertility counseling at Delhi IVF    
a)    Implications Fertility Counseling
b)    Support Fertility Counseling
c)    Failed IVF Treatment Counseling
d)    Counseling support on Adaption of parenthood
e)    Confidentiality issue on Fertility Counseling

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