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Why egg freezing is need of hour ? Is egg freezing a 100 percent guarantee for future motherhood?
| Dr. Aastha Gupta - 19 Oct 2022  617

Many women who are just starting careers may be smart enough to start actively planning for retirement, but if they know that they want to someday be a mother, they should also start planning for their families. Female egg supply and its quality are subject to decline with advancing age. The risk of abnormalities of eggs from a woman in her 20s is about 20-30%. Eggs from a woman in her 40s may have a 60% risk of genetic defects. Unfortunately, most employers and health insurance plans don’t offer fertility benefits for women. There is also a lack of education and awareness about egg freezing that is a significant obstacle to widespread adoption of the procedure. One of the common myths surrounding this procedure is that egg freezing may use up all eggs of women in their 20s, which is not true. It’s important to note that regardless of freezing your eggs, the treatment is not a guarantee that you’ll have a successful pregnancy from the eggs later on. However, freezing eggs provides you with a kind of insurance policy in that it is a way of preserving fertility in case you’ve not determined yet whether and when you’re ready to start a family. More reproductive opportunities mean less pressure on finding your perfect match in your early twenties. This trend could also lead to parents who are better prepared for children financially, emotionally and mentally. We see an increase in fertility benefits among large companies where women are supported in their decision to enter into parenthood when the timing is right for them. As public awareness of fertility preservation increases, we also hope the popularity of egg freezing will rise.

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