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Myths about Egg Freezing ! Use of Egg Freezing in Preserving Motherhood .
| Agency - 29 Nov 2022  735

Egg freezing is new and experimental

People think that Cryopreservation is a new concept and still we do not have enough data for study in long term impact but ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and even cryopreservation—have actually been in use for decades.

Egg freezing is dangerous

No evidence have been found out that ovarian stimulation cause harm to their future offspring or to women themselves. There has also been no evidence of exposure to risk of cancer among women who have undergone egg freezing. There are no documented research on risk of birth defects, chromosomal anomalies, or pregnancy complications when using frozen eggs or embryos. 

The process is invasive and time-consuming

The term Invasive or Surgery sounds scary. But in Cryopreservation Or egg retrieval process there is no surgery or stitches. Though you may have to undergoe medication for 8 to 15 days and injection are involved but it's less painful as it's injected in fatty tissues. 

Freezing eggs now could reduce your future fertility

Because egg freezing involves removing eggs from the body, many mistakenly think the process decreases the number of eggs available for a future pregnancy. But in fact, every month we ovulate, we’re losing multiple eggs—the mature one we release, plus the others which don’t make the cut.

Freezing your eggs and using them later isn’t as effective as using “fresh” eggs when you’re older
There has been many documental evidence that freezed eggs are more likelyhood of healthy pregnancy than fresh retrived eggs. A women egg freezed at 30 and thawed after 5 to 10 years are likelihood of more healthy pregnancy than taking her fresh eggs. 

Egg freezing is only an option for wealthy women

Egg freezing in India is not much costly as in other cities. On conversation with an IVF and Infertility Specialist Dr. Aastha gupta aggarwal at Delhi IVF and Infertility Specialist we came to know it's around 90000 plus medication cost which is affordable and on reach to nearly 20 perc of Indian population. But due to lack of awareness and myths involved it's still taboo for many of us. 

Egg freezing is only for women with high-powered careers
Women choose to freeze their eggs for all variety of reasons. Some may choose it for medical purposes like if they’re undergoing cancer or endometriosis treatments while others opt to put their fertility “on ice” so they can focus on school or travel, or for financial reasons

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