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10 things your gynecologist wants you to know
| Dr. Aastha Gupta - 25 Mar 2022  1098

An appointment with the gynecologist is similar to that with a lawyer or a teacher- only honest answers are expected. Ideally, it should be that way too as your check-up and treatment is based on everything you say. Thus, here are 10 things that your gynaec wants you to know-



  1. All Questions are legitimate


Ask them anything. As a person who is visiting a gynaec for the first time, it can get overwhelming experience but leave behind the embarrassment. You might be a novice at this but they are not and they have heard and seen everything before.


  1. Be open about your sex life


A gynaec is a doctor and everything that happens in the bedroom needs to be shared. He or she has a cure to all your sexual problems so speak up.



  1. Don’t cancel your Appointment because you’re on your Period


It doesn’t matter to them. Gynecologists deliver babies after all. So, in case you get your period on the day of the appointment, go still. These newer Pap smear techniques allow doctors to get accurate results even during periods.


  1. Ask about your fertility


It’s a fact that fertility is age-related so in case you are over 35 years, check your fertility from your doctor. Also, don’t think IVF or such procedures offer 100% results.


  1. Being honest about any health issues


If you are on medication for any health issue, your gyaec needs to know as her prescriptionmay depend on it.



  1. Tests are not results


The doctor might recommend other tests to you but getting them doesn’t mean you have the disease.


  1. Grooming is not necessary


It is not important to precede your visit to the parlour before meeting your gynecologist. They give it no importance or even noticeit.


  1. Never use Hygiene Products


Using wipes, sprays or other odours are a strict no for them. Your vagina is made in a way that it can take care of the cleanliness. Products can cause infections.


  1. Visit a doctor


Don’t delay or reply on online help when facing an issue. Everyone’s body is different thus, not always will the same medicine work for two people.



  1. Get a yearly check-up done


It is important. Visit a gynaec regularly.

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